• CROOKED TEETH #7 and Online Store

    CROOKED TEETH #7 and Online Store

    Hello! Crooked Teeth #7 has been out for a few months now, things sure have been busy since it's release.
    I was fortunate enough to have had an evening celebrating Ten Years (!) of self publishing Crooked Teeth and shared with folks a slideshow portfolio of the past decade of work and what I am attempting to do with it. It was humbling and a great start to a wonderful weekend at Comics Art Brooklyn.
    Following up on the initial release I have launched an online shop ala Big Cartel. Check out the links section!
    That's all for now, back to work on some new shit!
    Happy New Year


  • Crooked Teeth Number 7

    Crooked Teeth Number 7

    I'm happy to say Crooked Teeth #7 is complete and in the post production stages. Miriam and Everett's continuing tale of swelling violence continues in the second installation of Blood and Thunder and I make a return to some auto bio work, threading the line between dark insight and humorous reflection. Stay tuned for more info and release party updates.

  • New Releases and Upcoming Events Fall 2017

    New Releases and Upcoming Events Fall 2017

    Out Now from Birdcage Bottom Books is Bottom's Up! An anthology dealing with addiction and tales of hitting rock bottom. Link to their shop in the links section. Two sample pages are now up for view in the Comics section!
    In other news, Crooked Teeth Comics turns 10 years old this month! I've been self-publishing and scamming copies (up until now...) for the past ten years and its humbling to keep it up with the support of many.
    I will be tabling at Comic Arts Brooklyn ( http://comicartsbrooklyn.com/ ) at the Domino Books table with Austin English and others. Prints, back issues and Crooked Teeth #6 will be available. Possibly a T Shirt and a "New" collection of the highlights of Crooked Teeth over the past ten years with some new drawings and maybe something extra if I can find the time!
    See you then!

  • Summer 2017 Update

    Summer 2017 Update

    Greetings! A lot in the works; Crooked Teeth No. 7 is coming along and will most likely be ready in the fall of 2017! I will have a four page story in Bird Cage Bottom Books' anthology Bottom's Up! A collection of stories about hitting rock bottom and getting clean and/or sober.
    Meanwhile the first edition of Crooked Teeth #6 is sold out, reprinting next week. WORSE is heading South on Tour and I will have copies of CT#6 and some other goodies as well, reach out for more info as I will be in the following towns in late June!

    WORSE Drippin' Down South...
    6/21 Philadelphia, PA
    6/22 Richmond, VA
    6/23 Charlotte, NC
    6/24 Atlanta, GA
    6/25 Chapel Hill, NC
    6/26 Baltimore, MD